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A Diane et Mars gallery

A Diane et Mars

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The A Diane et Mars Gallery, just two steps from Notre-Dame, welcomes the lovers of historical souvenirs, hunting antiques, animal art and figurines.

The lead soldiers and Historical Artefacts have their place but the gallery A Diane et Mars is also dedicated to Diane's lovers : hunting Antiques and  Animal Art are welcomed in the Gallery ,  bronzes, engravings, drawings, unmissable contemporary paintings by Blaise Prud'hon, François Beaurin-Berthélémy, Catherine Farvacques, Julie Salmon, Patrick Allain and Taisiia Cherkasova....


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Old hunting objects accompany these works of art, making the Gallery the privileged place for lovers of curiosities, and those with a keen interest in Animal Art and objects which bear witness to our historical and military past.

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