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A Diane et Mars gallery

A Diane et Mars

Military antiques

Casque à pointeObjects from our history, the Military Antiquities on display in the Gallery are from all countries and all periods. It is their authenticity and quality which guide our purchases or the collections of our collector-partners. We have a network of antique professionals who select quality objects for us throughout France.
Naturally, the History of France is the most beautiful part of our presentation.
Military decorations, orders of chivalry, ensigns and old weapons are presented with figurines and lead soldiers on the ground floor of the Gallery. Objects from the 20th century, headgear, helmets, equipment, uniforms, documents and photographs are exhibited in a medieval vaulted cellar.

Hunting antiques

Miroir aux alouettesAlongside the animal works are our discoveries, hunting weapons and artefacts: daggers, buttons, decoys and accessories testify to the close link between Hunting and Art.