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A Diane et Mars gallery

A Diane et Mars


Blaise Prud'HonBlaise PRUD’HON was born into a family of artists, where the brush has been in the DNA for may generations. As a child in the Parisian suburbs, he quickly escaped to play with nature, which turned his life upside down. Initially a rock drummer, he swapped his drumsticks for pencils. Passionate about animal life, his beasts invaded his notebooks, followed by engravings: dry point, etching, monotype, a master at every technique. Between Vallée de Chevreuse and Burgundy his itinerant workshop shows us his impressions of nature with a strong passion for the mountain fauna.

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Catherine FarvacquesCatherine FARVACQUES born into an artistic family, showed her desire and talent for drawing and horses very early on; award winning horse rider and hunter, she settled in Brittany to develop her painting and engraving: dogs, hunting, bullfighting, memories of her distant travels on horseback. Catherine has been practising sculpture for some years, her precise, full of life bronzes are accomplished, poetic works.

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François Beaurin-Berthélémy's portraitFrançois BEAURIN-BERTHÉLÉMY, a graduate of the Beaux-Arts, has devoted his life as an artist to a narrative on the web of his naturalist passion, making his animals appear in the proximity of man, re-using old techniques: wash bistre, painting In Indian ink ...  In his Ardennes kingdom, he introduce sculpture, becoming, within a few years, the incomparable French master of animal bronzes. Bears, dogs, wolves, deer, roe deer ... their appearance, sometimes life size, attract the most enlightened European collectors.


Julie Salmon's portraitJulie SALMON was born in Budapest. When she was 3, she spent one year in a farm where she met the rurality and the farm animals. She spent hours in the cowshed considering the animals from every angle. Since 5, she is designing.
She then went in France where she became a doctor despite her strong desire to enter the famous school " Beaux Arts ". 
During her medical career she often used drawings and medivcal illsutration in order to explain to her colleagues what she thought. This was a derivative to her need to design.
She is now retired and can devote herself to her passion.

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Patrick ALLAIN

Patrick AllainPatrick ALLAIN is a natural horseman. He very quickly catches his equestrian passion in his drawings, using his naturalistic view. Fate lead him to a professional life far from his passion, which he could finally return to after a few years of "purgatory." Since then a whole bronze collection has been born, inspired by his life as a Breton naturalist, horses, deer, roe deer, dogs, and a troupe of hunting animals full of poetry and humour which is expanded every year.

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Taisiia Cherkasova's portraitTaisiia Cherkasova was born in 1991 in the east of Ukrainia.  Self-taught person for drawing she got a graduate in civil engineering. 
She then went to France where she decided to dedicate herself to Art. 
She created a full universe she named " surrealistic extranimalism ", which is directly inspired by her readings when she was a girl.
The fantastic books of the Russian writer Mikhaïl Boulgakov in addition to the classical paintings of Masters such as Hieronymus Bosch or Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio draw her work.
Aware of the environmental problematics, her fantasmagoric paintings mix dream, animal world and human presence in order to denounce the nature and climatic change.

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